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Integration of Machine Vision, Gauging, Motion Control, SPC, Thermal Imaging, Multimedia, Automation....

Surface 3D measurement

Tire Inspection Under Vacuum

Surface 3d Measurement

Lock Width measurement using lasers

Pharmaceutical lab Tray Inspection

Thread Inspection

Fastener Inspection

Wheel Match Mark

Turbine Blade inspection using Touch Probes

Tread Identification

Wheel Harmonic Measurement

Stereo Camera for laser Weld guidance

Thread Inspection

Ice Cream Lid Identification

Thickness Measurement

Surface Inspection

Part Measurement

Bio analysis

Engine Blade Profiling

Cable wall Measurement

Glass Inspection

Tire Under Vacuum testing

"Match Marking

Fastener Inspection

3D point cloud measurement

Time Line

Tread / Tire ID

Wheel Gaging

3D wheel tracking

"Ready to work for you"

Soft Automation provides integration and consulting services. With a strong expertise in Industrial Automation, Machine Vision and a strong background in software development, Soft Automation Inc prides itself, as a solution provider and systems integrator.

What makes us unique (money)

We can marry many many different hardware / software technologes to build an integrated solution

all are tailored to run harmoneously with each other

How We do it

Using an in-house developed automation integration package called Automation Manager, we can bring together a multitude of automation components (software and hardware) into a usable application via a drag drop environment. Please view some of the case studies or visit the Product Site - Automation Manager

To view the technology developed in house that lies behind this cross platform environment visit synapx.org


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